Can I do my treatment during my Yoga TTC?

You can select rejuvenation package during your Yoga TTC.

How often should I undergo a detox programme?

Ideally, it is best to detox your body at least twice a year.

Can I do yoga / exercise during the detox programme?

Only light yoga / exercise is allowed.

Why should I choose ayurveda instead of other systems of medicine?

Only ayurveda offers all natural, holistic treatment, without any chemical medicine, which helps proper cure from the root cause and not just symptomatic relief.

Can I take ayurvedic medicines along with modern medicines?

If not indicated by the attending physician, ayurveda medicines can generally be taken along with allopathic medicines. If the patient is already habituated on modern medicine, then he/she can continue same medicine along with ayurveda medicine and gradually can be stopped modern medicine. As such, there is no harm to consume simple herbal formulations of ayurveda with other medicine, must be used after due consultation and advice of the doctor.