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Incredible treatment for stress and anxiety

Goa Ayur Care treated me for stress. The Shirodhara treatment was my favourite, starting with a relaxing massage and hot oil on my forehead. This made me feel connected and calm, bringing me into the present moment and quieting my mind from stress and worry. I would highly recommend Goa Ayur Care. They looked after me very well and helped me to break through the last 2 years of stress and anxiety.


Back pain has disappeared

The treatment I received from Dr. Suvira has made a big difference in my body. The back pain which was forever there has now disappeared. The pain in my leg is also not there. I wish if I had more time to continue the treatment.

Aubrey Hoyte

Doing much better than before

I used to take medications for Asthma. But after the Ayurvedic treatment by Dr. Suvira, I am feeling so much better and I’m also taking less Asthma medication.

Lamont Stewart

One of the best doctors I’ve ever had

Dr. Suvira is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had. My eyes used to dry up with burning sensation. After her treatment, and after all these months, my eyes are still very comfortable. I even got treated for back pain and numbness in the leg that is now getting better by the day.

Lucie Gerren