Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda and Yoga are two very similar paths sharing a close relationship, so closely related that they are often described as two sides of the same coin. Both these sciences, which have their origin in the Vedic texts, address health and health practices. If Ayurveda is the healing aspect, yoga is the spiritual/practical side of the Vedic teachings. Together they emphasize a complete approach to the wellbeing of the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Yoga with Preksha Yoga

We have collaborated with Preksha Yoga to offer our clients the benefits of Yoga asanas and meditation. The traditional styled ashram is located in Mandrem itself and very close to our Ayurvedic center. We offer free pick-up and drop facilities to clients interested in Yoga.

About Preksha Yoga

Preksha Yoga is a Registered Yoga School where we will give you the opportunity to understand yoga in the very place of its origin from teachers who are masters of the discipline. The special satvik food will help you grow healthier and as you improve your asana skills you will become stronger. Meditation and chanting will flood you with a peace you never thought was possible. By following the scheduled routine, you will not only invite discipline into your life but you will find that you are more relaxed. Relaxation will lead you to spiritual discovery that will open your mind to a new way of thinking.

Preksha Yoga Collage

Yoga Retreat

Learn Vedic mantra chanting and meditation. Also learn the classical Hatha yoga postures (asanas) and basic Pranayama (breathing exercise).

Yoga Vacation

Experience Ashram life and reside at the Ashram in a complete spiritual environment. Take part in the daily Yoga classes and meditation practices.

Yoga Teacher Training

Comprehensive teachings on asanas, philosophy, anatomy, physiology, mantra chanting, chakras, ayurveda, mudras, pranayama and meditation.

Need more information...

Feel free to contact Goa Ayur Care with any enquiries regarding Yoga! Call +91 99239 45433 or write to us at info@ayurcaregoa.com to know more about our offerings on Yoga.